To build IMDAAD as a brand in GCC with the vision of being a Market Leader in professional Integrated Facilities Management solutions & services and its commitment to excellence, lmdaad is committed to:

  • Achieve leading position in Integrated Facilities Management that is secured through outstanding levels of employee and customer satisfaction.
  • Protect the health and safety of everyone involved in the execution of our solutions & services.
  • Preserve the natural resources of environments in which we live and work in terms of any environmental impact resulting from our processes.
  • Implement the most efficient and cost-effective usage of energy aligned in the protection of environment and implement action plans derived from energy planning & review to achieve the highest level of energy performance.

We strive to make conscientious business decisions that are good for our people, stakeholders, communities, and the environment.

In our quest to achieve world-class EHSQ and Energy Efficiency excellence and the above objectives, our management team is committed to:

  • Meet or exceed the regulatory and statutory requirements of the Emirate of Dubai and UAE, national and/or local EHSQ and Energy Efficiency laws and regulations of the communities in which we live and work. In locations where, applicable laws and regulations do not exist, we will apply sound EHSQ and Energy efficiency engineering controls, work practices, management practices, and personal protective equipment to protect all stakeholders including the environment.
  • Work to eliminate injuries, continuously protect the environment and improve Energy performance by creating acceptable EHSQ and Energy Efficiency standards and hold all our operations accountable to these standards.
  • Continue with our EHSQ and Energy efficiency auditing programs to assure compliance with not only regulatory requirements but also our own internal standards and contractual requirements.
  • Set aggressive EHSQ and Energy efficiency goals to reduce injuries and all forms of waste. Leaders throughout our organization will be held accountable and measured on progress towards EHSQ and Energy efficiency excellence.
  • Strive to build positive community relations in the locations where we live and operate.
  • Monitor emerging issues with respect to environment, health, safety and energy efficiency aspects keeping information available and up to date on regulatory and statutory changes as well as technological innovations.
  • Utilize best practices and lessons learned as means to continuously improve.

All our businesses are responsible for implementing this policy, assuring that the proper human and monetary resources are allocated to create and implement the necessary programs to build the culture that will allow us to achieve world-class EHSQ and Energy efficiency excellence.

This Policy applies to all sites and communities in which we live and operate, will be communicated to all lmdaad Staff and will be distributed to interested parties and to members of the public on request.

We will regularly review this policy, performance and management systems to ensure they remain relevant and continually improved.

Mohamood Rasheed
Chief Operating Officer
May 2020